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What We're About

Why We're Here

The 101 Answers suite of web sites and mailing lists, and our ezine, center around the twin areas of communication and commerce. We aim to help individuals and small businesses to exploit the many opportunities now available with the rise to prominence of the Internet.

The sort of opportunities we are talking about definitely do not include get-rich-quick schemes or any other kind of hype. In fact, not only do we not approve of GRQs, but it's their very prevalence that gave rise to this site in the first place. There are so many crooks and scammers jumping onto the Internet bandwagon that their activities, together with porn merchants, spammers, conspiracy theorists, et al, need to be counterbalanced by common sense alternatives. 101 Answers is our attempt to provide some of these alternatives as well as pointers to some tremendous opportunities for making a good income (from home) using the Internet. They all require a degree of effort though, so don't even try them unless you're willing to put in some work.

Exciting as it might be, we do not subscribe to the idea that this new medium is going to entirely change the way we do business. The vast majority of retail concerns are not going to be put out of business by the Internet. Nor is there going to be any less need for consultants, or tradesmen, or indeed most other purveyors of goods or services. Those who learn how to use it efficiently, however, stand to gain a great deal from the Internet; those that don't will miss out. It's that simple.

The opportunities lie in the areas of information gathering and disposal and in the fields of technology and communications. Those who recognize these opportunities, and can modify the way they work accordingly, stand to gain the most. Our purpose is to explore these issues, try to identify the opportunities and to discuss ways that you might put any resulting ideas into practice.

The focus is always on individuals and small businesses, the self-employed and SOHOs (Small Or Home Office), rather than on large corporate organizations, but the difference is only one of scale. And by opportunities we don't necessarily mean money-making ideas. Interaction and communication with our fellow human beings, wherever they may live, and without constraint or prejudice, is the most promising opportunity of all.