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101 Answers Forums

Unfortunately, for the moment, all forums have been closed due to the enormous amount of work involved in running and moderating them in the face of an increasing deluge of spam. When we find a solution, or we somehow find the time to sort the wheat from the chaff, they will re-open.

About These Forums

You can interact with other users of our sites (and us) by joining in or initiating ongoing discussions in one or more of our moderated online discussion forums. They are a great way of sharing information and experiences with people of like mind. No 'joining' is necessary, all are welcome. Please choose from the following:

The Newsletter Forum

Discussions about all aspects of electronic and hard copy newsletters. To enter click here.

The Marketing Forum

Discussions about marketing with the emphasis on small business (and small budget) promotions. To enter click here.

The Content Forum

Discussions covering Internet content of all kinds. To enter click here.

The Small Business Forum

Discussions about using the Internet as a way of helping run small concerns, with special emphasis on SOHOs. To enter click here.

The Indiaman Forum

A 'meeting place' and message board for anyone who is interested in or was once a passenger or crew member on Paddy Garrow-Fisher's Indiaman overland expedition some time between 1960 and 1975 (my hobby!). Although this has nothing to do with any of the 101 Answers group of sites, it is here for convenience due to my own special interest in it. I've already lost a number of posts trying to update to a new forum script so I'm reluctant to move it again. To enter click here.