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Hundreds of newsletter fillers (articles, jokes, crosswords, quotes, etc) and other content for desktop publishers, particularly newsletter producers (whether hard-copy or electronic) or anyone who wants to break into the newsletter field. Ideal for home-based and self-employed businesses publishing for profit or non-profit but also appropriate for hobbyists etc.

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101 Newsletter Answers

This is the primary 101 Answers site and is all about using newsletters to communicate more effectively whether electronic or hard copy (i.e. paper). The web resources featured are very theme focused and restricted to Favorite Links, meaning those that are specially chosen and mostly having reciprocated in one way or another. This might be by a direct link to this site, or to one of the other sites in the group, or by a more indirect method, such as inclusion of one of the 101 Newsletter Answers articles on their site. Click here to go to 101 Newsletter Answers .

101 Internet Answers

This site is crammed with tools and services that are likely to be of use to anyone who wants to use the Internet in a practical way particularly those needing to advance their small business presence online. So whether you are an Internet developer, a website designer, a first 'home page' builder or you are in need of email solutions, 101 Internet Answers is for you. The following categories are included:

  • Assistance & Misc
    • Free Classifieds
    • Free Stuff Sites
    • PC Resources
  • Web Resources
    • Domain Names
    • Web Hosting
    • Website Awards
    • Website Design
    • Website Services
    • Website Tools
  • Business & Promotion
    • Advertising And PR
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Linking Strategies
    • Search Strategies
    • Social Marketing
    • Tools And Software
    • Traffic Generation
    • Work From Home
  • Email & Usenet
    • Email Services
    • Email Tools
    • Using Newsgroups
  • Internet Nasties
    • Anti-Malware etc
    • Anti-Scam Resources
    • Anti-Spam Resources
    • Anti-Virus Resources

There is also a comprehensive directory of 'freebie' sites. Click here to go there now.

ClipCopy Content Solutions

The leading 'content provider' for publishers who sometimes, or perhaps often, need ready-made content for their newsletters, ezines, blogs, websites, ebooks or indeed any other publications they might think of. The ever-expanding ClipCopy Collection currently consists of over 6000 royalty-free items of all sorts in a searchable database, ready and waiting at your fingertips. Not only does this prove a great time-saver for busy publishers—it can be a tremendous money-saver as well. Just think of the cost of hiring or employing a writer with the talent to cover as wide a range of subjects as we do and you'll soon come to exactly the same conclusion. Click this link (ClipCopy Content Solutions) to go there now.


If you'd really like to work from home and build a substantial income, this is your chance. Whether you're a 'stay at home' mom, a retiree or student, are currently unemployed, need to build a mailing list, or if you just plain crave the freedom it will give you, this is the perfect work at home business opportunity. The Internet is so full of hype about home working jobs that you have to be very careful what you get yourself into. This is one of the rare few that not only lives up to, but easily exceeds all expectations. Click this Easy-Earn link to go there now.

Social Networking Buzz

A blog that covers SEO, social networking, blogging, social media, social bookmarking and social marketing in general; in fact the whole world of Web 2.0. If you want to learn more about Web 2.0, what it means and especially how to use it to your advantage, you should go there now and start reading the posts. Better still, subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss anything new when it comes up. You can get there by clicking the Social Networking Buzz link.

Healthy Living Tips

This site is dedicated to helping you become healthy, stay healthy, and (most of all) enjoy a long life without the need for drastic measures such as extreme diets or fanatical fitness routines. The aim is to help 'everyday' people and, except where necessary for obvious reasons, not to differentiate between individuals according to their age, sex, class, abilities or anything else. We are all human beings after all, with all the individual diversity that that entails. Click this link to go there now: Healthy Living Tips.


ValuePaks are specially put together collections of files, each focused on a particular theme or 'niche'. The files themselves are mostly useful software or 'how-to' ebooks (or sometimes videos) that anyone interested in that particular 'niche' would want to acquire. To maximize the value for virtually anybody interested in the niche covered, we have put in a lot of effort to find the most sought-after ebooks and software to make each ValuePak as attractive as possible at the lowest possible price, whilst still incorporating the most potentially profitable affiliate program on the Internet. Without exception they are all extreme bargains priced to sell at just $7.00 (US) for a Bronze ValuePak , $14.00 for a Silver ValuePak or a maximum of just $21.00 for a Gold ValuePak. Go to the ValuePaks introduction here.