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Who Are We?

About Us

Mike Alexander

My first venture into publishing was in England in the early 1960s. As manager of a retail travel agency servicing the growing ‘package holiday’ industry, I conceived and published a reference book for Travel Agents to assist them in choosing suitable destinations, flights, hotels etc for their clients. It quickly became established as the standard work in its field, though whether it still exists I have no idea since I left the UK in 1976 for a new life in New Zealand and didn’t return for over 20 years. In the course of a career in the hospitality and travel field I eventually found myself back on the publishing side of things running a team of 25 salespeople and servicing a portfolio of over 100 publications, mainly magazines and newsletters for Associations, Clubs, etc. This was followed by a period as Sales Manager of a publishing company specializing in promoting New Zealand around the world. Here I produced and edited a newsletter (which I called MeetingNewZ) covering the Conference, Convention and Incentive Travel fields. It soon became the official publication of the industry in NZ and eventually grew into a full-sized trade magazine.

Lastly, as Executive Officer of an Auckland Business Association and Township Improvement Scheme I was responsible for a regular newsletter and gained valuable 'community level' experience in communications. At the same time I assisted my wife with her secretarial and computer training business.

Unfortunately, in 1994, I had a crippling stroke which forced my wife and I to close up our computer training business and opt for early retirement. This didn't last long, however, as I found that I needed constant mental stimulation so I decided to do something worthwhile rather than just reading and watching TV, hence this current venture.

Jan Alexander

My wife Jan, who has always been my best friend, faithful lover and oftentimes my business partner, as usual gave her unstinting support to this latest venture. She is the most important half of our 2-person team and without her neither I nor these websites would be here today. Jan's background is in secretarial and office management. We are the proud parents of a daughter who lives in London and works for the Historic Royal Palaces (from her office in the Tower of London!) and a son, who is a computer consultant in Auckland, New Zealand and proud parent of our two school-age grandsons.